Study by Stefan Möhlenkamp, Axel Schmermund, Knut Kröger, Gert Kerkhoff, Martina Bröcker‐Preuss, Volker Adams, Martin Hensel, David Kiefer, Nils Lehmann, Susanne Moebus, Kirsten Leineweber, Sigrid Elsenbruch, Jörg Barkhausen, Martin Halle, Rainer Hambrecht, Johannes Siegrist, Klaus Mann, Thomas Budde, Karl‐Heinz Jöckel, Raimund Erbel


Regular physical exercise is recommended to reduce cardiovascular mortality. And yet, atherosclerosis is the main cause of exercise‐associated death in persons beyond age 35. The need for risk stratification in marathon runners is under discussion. The predictive value of modern imaging- and non‐imaging‐based markers of risk that can be used for risk stratification in masters endurance athletes still deserves exploration.